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E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing Services to Reach New Clients

Getting it right with email marketing

In marketing, email marketing means using email communications as a way to achieve business goals. Despite the recent hype, email marketing is still alive. Nevertheless, email stands in for social media where its capabilities fall short. As email is a common communication channel, it is an ideal marketing tool. We will help you build a loyal customer base through custom-tailored email marketing services. Our digital marketing team is specialized in providing the best email marketing services

Increase customer loyalty and increase sales with email marketing. Internet users use much more emails as compared to using social media. We understand your goals for sending emails, design email campaigns and send emails to the customers who have ‘opted-in’ to receive your emails. Sending personalized emails to your customers makes a difference and will benefit your brand.

Send better emails and build your brand.

Email marketing is simply the best bet for business growth. Connect with your customers and prospective clients in a highly personalized way through email marketing. Facebook and Twitter accounts combined are 3x less than the number of email accounts created worldwide.
Online mail is one of the most popular digital marketing services among businesses. The substantial thing is its presence in the inbox. The user can easily read, take action and archive once read. It means that it can value your money anytime until it’s deleted.


Understanding Goals

What you really want to achieve by sending email to your customers? Increase new sign ups, generate more leads, grow more sales. Who is your target audience and what content you want to include will help in designing the type of campaign.

Design Campaign

Depending on your goal we design campaign compatible for all devices that captures subscribers attention with relevant content aligned with the colors, fonts and branding that helps draw people into reading your content and guide them towards call to action.

Send Emails to Subscribers

Emails are most powerful when they are relevant. We reach substantial number of email subscribers on subject of interest to them who have opted in to receive email communication.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Wide Reach

Email is the currency of web. You have to enter your email address to create your Facebook and Twitter account. Anyone who is online may not have social media account but they have an active email address.

Drives More Conversions

Email is the most powerful channel of marketing for getting conversions. The click-through rate of an email campaign is 6x better as compared to click-through rate of a post or tweet.

Delivers your Message

Adding a subscriber to your email list is much more preferred than gaining a new Facebook fan as your message is 45 times more likely to be seen in the recipient’s inbox rather than it will appear on their Facebook account.

Professional Email Marketing Company

Email marketing is considered to be the most cost effective and ROI driven marketing strategy for reaching out to your prospects and customers. 99% of the customers prefer checking their emails daily for any brand related updates.

Choosting the right email marketing company can significantly decide the course of your email marketing campaign. A right email marketing strategy will help you to connect with your prospects more effectively and grow your business.

Email marketing is also a great tool for staying in constant touch with your customers even when they are not actively looking to buy your product or services.