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Professional search engine optimization for your Shopify store


Are you looking for a reliable Shopify SEO service? Look no further than our team of experts! We offer tailored Shopify SEO services that will help your store rank higher in Google.
Since the Shopify platform is getting more popular, you have to implement a Shopify SEO that can improve your credibility and boost sales. When you optimize your Shopify store for Google and Bing, you can discover more potential customers, and your shop will stay on the first page of search results. With over a million active users, selling goods can be difficult, especially if you only rely on paid advertisements. If you want to deliver more organic traffic to your Shopify website, Shopify SEO is the best solution.
With our help, you can attract more visitors and convert them into buyers.


With our result-driven SEO for Shopify websites, we can help your business to the next level with an SEO package that works for you. Led by our diverse team of dedicated, seasoned professionals, PageTraffic is a definitive leader in the SEO space.

In an ever-changing, dynamic industry, we are fueled by innovation and a deep passion for what we do. With a strong understanding of Shopify and powerful SEO strategies, we leave no stone unturned for our clients.


Is your Shopify store not giving your business the boost you expected? Are the customers not pouring in even though you have an attractive website? Well, we are here to help you. PageTraffic is a top-notch Shopify SEO agency focused on increasing organic traffic to your Shopify store.

Our hard-earned experience allows us to create customized SEO strategies that are suited to you and your target audience. We can help you achieve strong visibility among search engines.
The golden rule to make your store easily discoverable is to use Shopify SEO. This marketing strategy helps grow sales and drive new customers to your store. Here are the top three strategies that you can do to boost your rankings. Thus, it is essential to choose a company that does this job cost-effectively. Always remember that an SEO-friendly platform receives a higher volume of organic traffic and earns long-term success.


When you partner with PageTraffic, you work with a team that has a proven track record of eCommerce success. We can help you reach your sales goals.

Keyword-Driven Traffic

Our team researches the keywords your target audience is searching to find your products and services and leverages them as powerful lead generators.

Technical SEO

PageTraffic’s proficient team has developed internal processes to quickly identify and improve technical SEO issues related to Shopify. We review your site and fix all crawling and indexing issues.

Offpage SEO

Our experts can develop a unique off-page SEO approach for your Shopify store that focuses on your business growth while also positioning you as a thought leader and expert in your industry.

Create unique content

Easier said than done, right? However, creating unique content will benefit your Shopify store in the long run. Most unsuccessful accounts have the same product description as their competitors. Avoid doing the same thing and create unique content for all of your Shopify pages.

When writing your content, start with the main product. Make sure that your description is original and engaging. Afterwards, look at the top-performing pages. This step can help you know the most visited pages and how they attract more visitors.


Targeted Keyword Research

We carry out extensive research to uncover the most profitable keywords for your Shopify store. This way, we help you generate traffic and qualified leads from customers who are willing to make a purchase.

Competitor Analysis

We find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and create your SEO strategy accordingly. We discover opportunities to differentiate your brand and help you outperform your competitors. PageTraffic’s team strives to provide your business with a competitive edge.

Category Page Optimization

Each of your web pages can attract customers, which is why we perform a complete review of your Shopify store and optimize headers, titles, meta descriptions, URLs, etc., to ensure that your target audience can find you conveniently.

Product Page Optimization

We optimize all the elements of your product pages to provide search engines with enough relevant content to find the page whenever a relevant search is done. We incorporate product-focused keywords that your potential customers will use.

Content Marketing

We specialize in SEO-centric content marketing and help your business to rank higher. We touch upon every aspect of content marketing to fulfill all your marketing needs on the digital medium. We tell your brand story effectively to enhance your conversion rates.

Link Building

We can generate a steady stream of traffic and sales to your Shopify store with our link-building services. Our team works with you to create a high-quality link-building strategy that produces tangible results and a strong return on investment.

Technical SEO

We improve your Shopify website’s search visibility and ranking with our technical SEO services. Our experts perform site audits, optimize your site’s speed, and fix crawl errors and redirect issues. We ensure that your Shopify store is free from all technical inconsistencies.

Custom Shopify SEO Strategies

Our adept SEO team works with you to understand your business goals and prepare custom Shopify SEO strategies that ensure you stand out among your competitors. We do not follow a cookie-cutter approach.

Monthly Reporting

We monitor the performance of our Shopify SEO campaign and prepare detailed monthly reports for you to review the progress. We ensure integrity and transparency and provide our clients with regular updates.