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Win local customers and grow your revenue with our super targeted local SEO strategies.

Magento SEO Services

With Magento being one of the most powerful and all-around eCommerce platforms available for retailers today, you shouldn’t let your website left behind the top picks. This type of program is popular for its open-source nature and SEO effectiveness. Opportunities like this don’t just come around knocking at your doorstep.
Magento Search engine optimization (SEO) process is a bit different from what we do for normal business or service based website. For large Magento based websites SEO start right from the beginning of keywords research, site architecture & on-page seo. There are lots of complexity and possibility of duplicate content in Magento website. If Magento On-Page SEO & Technical SEO work is done properly, half the battle is won. We focus on onsite optimization first then build Off-Page SEO strategy for Magento website. We have implemented this strategy successfully and has proven results. Our SEO services for Magento eCommerce portal can help you in generating traffic & sales.

How Can SEO Benefit Magento Websites?

Your target audience must be able to locate your products quickly and effectively for you to gain more revenues directly tied to your online sales.
Magento SEO fosters increasing sales and ongoing growth with the best practices that can help you implement an effective campaign.
With Magento SEO, you don’t have to worry about your website getting outdated as you can achieve an up-to-date system that aligns with Google’s constant-changing search algorithm. You can have the best-in-class strategies in gaining potential leads, which is more effective than your competitors’ methods.

Analysis of Magento Websites

We initially go over your eCommerce website using detail by detail and gain an in-depth analysis and understanding of the products you offer, your target demographics, and the manner and ease of finding and interacting with your business’ website.

Doing so will help us to choose the most well-thought and promising target keywords, plan the most effective campaign and drive results, and generate results quickly through both on-page and off-page strategies.


We are a full-stack web development agency and home to a diverse team of professionals, including senior SEO strategists, technicians, copywriters, and more. Understanding and knowing the ins and outs of Magento SEO like few others do, our SEO experts stay at the forefront of SEO developments and best practices to ensure our clients don’t ever miss out.

Keyword-Driven Traffic

Our team carefully researches the market for your products, analyzes all the right keywords for your Magento store, and implements strategies to drive organic traffic to your site.

Certified Magento Developer

We have experienced certified Magento developers in our team that help in maintaining and improving our client’s eCommerce website. They thoroughly analyze every factor and uncover issues that affect your ranking.


Our team of Magento specialists works around the clock to provide consistent support to our clients. We believe in growing together and strive to bring your eCommerce site to the top.


Magento offers plenty of out-of-the-box features and is an excellent platform for search engine optimization. We audit your Magento store, and as a result, PageTraffic prepares a set of actionable tips you can take advantage of to enhance your eCommerce store’s performance.

Meticulously studying user behavior patterns and performance metrics, we provide an independent, professional perspective on the current friction points and deliver specific recommendations on how to address them effectively.


Investigation and Analysis

We make sure that we conduct an in-depth analysis of every possible nook and cranny so you can optimise the SEO functions applied to your website, which helps your campaign stay on the right track.

Keyword Research

We help you identify top keywords and phrases related to your products and prioritise them to improve your rankings.

Competitor Analysis

We study your key competitors to have an idea of their strengths, weaknesses, and their rankings on SERPs.

On-page SEO

We optimise your website’s content, category pages, product descriptions, website architecture, and other on-page factors.

Off-Page SEO

We improve your authority in Google’s perspective by implanting new and high-quality backlinks to your site.


We can help lead customers to review your products and permit them to share positive interactions with your business

Why Should You Trust Our Magento SEO Strategies?

We work with clients by providing service for everything from small selections of specialist products through extended catalogues that feature as many as thousands of items.

We believe that no type of product is too small nor too large for us to accommodate, as a well-executed Magento SEO campaign can give your business an outstanding impact, despite any size.

Our team of professional Magento SEO consultants has provided excellent service that satisfied more than 1,700 clients worldwide, and we continuously live up to our proven track record of unmatched results.


How does Magento SEO work?
Magento SEO optimizes your Magento store for search engine visibility. We recommend working with an SEO company that has in-house Magento developers and experience with Magento websites.
Is Magento good for SEO?
Like all other eCommerce platforms, Magento has its weaknesses and strengths. A strong SEO strategy can greatly benefit your online business regardless of the platform. If you are concerned about your Magento store’s ability to rank higher organically, reach out to us for an audit.
How does SEO work in Magento 2?
For Magento 2, search engine optimization helps increase the quality and quantity of traffic and engage the interest of customers in your store’s product.
How do Magento SEO companies optimize Magento sites for search engines?
Magento SEO services include on-page and off-page optimization, link-building, content development, etc. Our developers have advanced knowledge of how Magento works, which helps in the proper implementation of strategies to increase your Magento store’s search engine visibility.
How to audit the SEO factors on your Magento site?
Reach out to us, and we would be happy to provide you with an audit of your Magento store without any obligations. We will analyze the areas that require improvements and offer recommendations.
How will you know if your Magento SEO campaign is working?
We keep our clients in the loop regarding the progress of our SEO campaign for their Magento site. Our project managers provide monthly reports that include measurable data and further recommendations.
Why should you get Magento SEO services?
Magento SEO services can get your online business increased visibility and drive more customers to your site in the most organic way. It will enhance your website’s quality and provide your customers with a better user experience.
Do Magento SEO companies leverage extensions in their SEO campaign?
We mostly avoid SEO extensions and use them only when it makes sense. Often, our developers find a way to solve Magento SEO issues without using extensions.